NCIASP 2014About Doctor

Dr. T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao is a renowned psychiatrist in India. He is a qualified mental and sexual health specialist. He is a dedicated and passionate psychiatrist who has kept the profession close to his heart by providing help to the suffering individuals, their caregivers, families and thereby serving the society at large. He is popular with his rational and better quality mental health care in modern day practice of Psychiatry in India. His compassionate approach with his patients makes them connect with him very well. His immense contributions and collaborative research has taken Psychiatry and Sexual Medicine in India beyond boundaries into the global village. He has provided extra-ordinary and exemplary contribution in establishing certain standards and ideals in the intellectual and scientific tradition of Indian Psychiatry. Dr. Rao continues to be inspiration and strength for coming generation of professionals. He is longest serving editor of Indian Journal of Psychiatry and has been advisor to majority of major Journals of Psychiatry in India. He has been instrumental in Organizing Sexual Medicine academic curricular programmes in India and currently the Secretary of Human Sexuality Section of World Psychiatric Association (WPA). He is serving as President of Karnataka Sexual Science Academy.  He is credited with more than 150 published papers in indexed journals, 200 other publications, 12 books and more than 500 Scientific Programmes at State, National and International level. He has travelled extensively both in India and Abroad and the last programme at Lumbini, Nepal in November 2014 and very recent one at Vienna, Austria from July 12th – 17th, 2015 was the 35th International travel. He is the regular columnist for Kannada Magazine – Ganda Hendathi and many popular websites in India.  He is currently serving as Professor of Psychiatry at JSS Medical College, JSS University, Mysore and consultant at Sumana, Vinayaka Nursing Home, Mandya.

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